Who must register?

All South African Households who employ Domestic workers, Gardeners, Nannies, Caregivers and Drivers etc. are now required to register with the Compensation Fund (The Compensation Commissioner).

Why must you register?

New ruling by the Constitutional Court ordered that all Domestic employees are now included and covered under the COID Act (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act)


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What will the cover include for the Domestic employees:

Temporary total disablement (TTD)

Permanent disablement lump sum

Permanent disablement pension

Funeral expenses

Widow’s lump sum award

Widow’s pension award

Child pension award

Partial dependency award

Wholly dependency award

Orthotics and Rehabilitation

Bursaries for youth

Return to work Programme

Assistive devices

Rehabilitation and re-integration

Medical Benefits

Medical claims

Re-opening of the claim

Chronic medication

The risk if you don't register?

Civil Action can be instituted against you should an injury or disease occur in the workplace and you are not registered.

Penalties and interest will be applied on top of annual premiums, if not registered

In short: COID is basically an Insurance for injuries and diseases of employees sustained in the workplace. The benefits versus the risk cannot be compared. No one household has the means to pay dependants a pension, all related costs or benefits that is covered by COID, should their breadwinner suffer a fatal injury. But every household will be able to pay an annual premium for such cover under the COID Act.

Do the right thing and Register now.

What is required to register?

The following documents must be submitted for employer registration purposes:

  1. A completed CF-1E Form (Application for the registration of the domestic worker employer)
  1. A copy of the Identification/Passport/Work Permit (Employer)

III. Proof of the Employer’s Residential Address

  1. A copy of the Identification/Passport/Work Permit (Employee/s)
  2. A copy of the employment contract

A CF-1E Form can be downloaded once you registered your contact details

Why use COID Domestic?

COID Domestic promises the quickest and fastest registration process in South Africa.

We have more than 70 years of expertise combined in the field of COID registrations; we will take away the burden and register your household in good time

Our experience, established associations and processes are your ease of mind.

COID Domestic is a future partnership. After you are registered, an ongoing relationship is established to assist and maintain your profile for annual submissions and compliancy with COID requirements.