Why you must register?

New ruling by the Constitutional Court ordered that all Domestic employees are now included and covered under the COID Act (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act) and therefore you as a Household employer MUST register, it is a new law and a legal requirement. Your personal insurance/indemnity does not cover your Domestic worker in the event of an injury on duty.


What will the cover include for the Domestic employees:

Temporary total disablement (TTD)

Permanent disablement lump sum

Permanent disablement pension

Funeral expenses

Widow’s lump sum award

Widow’s pension award

Child pension award

Partial dependency award

Wholly dependency award

Orthotics and Rehabilitation

Bursaries for youth

Return to work Programme

Assistive devices

Rehabilitation and re-integration

Medical Benefits

Medical claims

Re-opening of the claim

Chronic medication

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